August 4, 2016

Half way of the application process – July checkpoint

As promised we have made the first July check-point of the application process!

We’d like to thank all candidates very much for your applications to the Academy. We very much appreciate your time and effort as well as personal commitment that you have made by applying to the Academy – and you can trust in our commitment too.

We have a number of truly very good candidates from each sector.  Almost 50% applications is coming from business and almost 20% from academia. Fewer candidates is coming from startups (14,8%) and other sectors, in particular the non-profits (8%), public administration (4,5%), media (2,3%) and culture (1,1%). The average age of applicants is around 32, the oldest is 48 and the youngest is 18 – well on the target specified in the selection criteria. We have almost 65% of open applications and around 35% coming from our nominating partners, which means that the application process is very open.

As we communicated earlier the diversity across sectors is very important to us. We strongly believe that people from different backgrounds can learn a great deal from one another. This is important because the Academy will be very interactive and the participants will learn as much from themselves as they will learn from the professors.

Therefore – for the sake of securing the best composition of the group and in the interest of all the participants – we have decided to postpone our first selection decisions to mid-August.  For that reason, we ask you for some more patience – we need more time to make sure that once you get to the Academy you will receive the best experience possible and the quality and the diversity of the group is a very important factor in that respect.

We can already say that the number and the quality of the candidates are truly very high. Also as you may feel there is quite a significant excitement about the Academy – many people contact us, call us, ask about the Academy. This is great but of course it makes our choice even harder. Given that our current resources allow us to grant no more than 40 Fellowships, we are now thinking of creating a space for interactions with all of the very good candidates that we will not be able to accommodate this year. For this reason it is very likely that for the 2nd edition of the Academy we will increase the number of participants and that we will offer some possibilities for all who applied.

Thank you for your applications, trust and we are looking forward to working with you!

If you still hesitating whether to apply or not – please don’t and send your application right away. And remember we are less than a month away from the formal deadline, which is 31th August!