The Leadership Academy for Poland is a social good, apolitical and nonpartisan initiative. It features a world-class, Harvard-type, intensive leadership and management development program, as well as continuous educational opportunities after graduation.

Each class of approximately 40 participants is chosen from a wide pool of accomplished candidates. During the program, they will significantly deepen their understanding of leadership and the unique contribution they can make out there in the world.

The program comprises:

  • 1-week residential leadership training at our retreat campus located in the Herbarium Hotel
  • 15-week back-home, action-oriented full immersion conducted during regular work
  • Two 2-day residential sessions through October-December
  • Graduation ceremony in Warsaw

After successful completion of the Academy participants – as our alumni – will be offered support through entering our regular Leadership Nests™ program.


The program will be highly interactive and will feature a variety of teaching methods. In addition to formal Harvard case studies and a unique pedagogy of full-immersion as well as a real-time case, the program will also use films and various structured exercises, some of which involve poetry and philosophy readings. Participants will analyze outside-class experience, including their own past challenges. The program will also feature an inner journey of self-reflection for uncovering participants authentic true north and drivers that give meaning to their leadership work.

The program will be based on a unique methodology Leadership-4D-Experience™ and will cover three critical aspects of exercising leadership:


How to lead people in organizations


How to lead in complexity
and change the world


Leading oneself for leading others

Fellows about the Academy: