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Leadership Academy for Poland

The purpose of the Leadership Academy for Poland is to bring world-class education to Poland and provide outstanding Poles with access to one of Europe’s best leadership development programs. World-class educators, including Harvard professors and other leading international scholars and speakers, will deliver interactive classes in a deeply immersive setting and will be available for consultations and closed meetings with the participants. The Academy is an opportunity for a deep reflection that re-centers, refreshes and inspires. It will also offer practical insights on how to positively reshape ongoing projects, careers, and life.

Our promise is that the Academy will provide the participants with a unique and life-changing experience and a standing resource for their future leadership work and personal life.

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Advanced Leadership Program

This is an advanced program for leadership and management development intended for C-level executives and founders. The program is run with world-class faculty from Harvard University and uses our most advanced methodologies of Leadership 4-D ExperienceTM and Leadership NestTM.

This program is by recommendation only – if you want to learn more, please contact us. 

During the program, you will experience a very deep leadership inquiry in the context of complex problems and change. The program will enhance your awareness of systems dynamics in both small (boards) and large (organizational) settings and will give you a new powerful way of looking at your leadership role and challenges. You will also deeply explore your awareness of self that will give meaning to your daily work and protect against burnout. You will significantly boost your network way beyond your professional network.  

The program is designed to be a transformative experience. In the program you will not learn about management in simple settings – it is expected that you have significant management knowledge already. 

This program gives Alumni status.

Next edition: Spring 2019. 

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Leadership Development Intensive 

This program is in partnership with Scherer International

This is a truly unique and valuable program for personal leadership development.  The program is designed to challenge your current way of thinking and expand the ways you manage yourself and your people  – thus maximizing your performance and decreasing risk of burnout.  It will be useful for you both in professional and personal context, especially if you are in a high-stress environment and face an important challenge. 

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DBA – Predoctoral Program

This program is for C-level executives who want to capitalize on their accumulated experience and pursue doctoral studies in management, economic, and finance.

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Long-Term Leadership Programs

We construct long-term leadership and management development programs for senior staff or key partners-clients (6-12 months). Programs are tailored to company needs. Based on the unique, proprietary methodology Leadership-3D™.

Examples of our past programs are: Google Leadership Academy, AXA School of Management or AIG Leadership Academy.

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Short-Term Leadership Programs

Inspiring dedicated training programs on leadership and management (1-3 days), tailored to individual needs. Among our clients are: Google, PwC, AIG, ABB, RBS,  Jeronimo Martins. 

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Focused Management Programs

Advanced Negotiations for Senior Executives: full-scale Harvard-type program, fully simulation-based and mind-shifting.    

Advanced Finance for Senior Executives: world-class and one of the most inspiring programs in finance for high-level executives. Not about details or accounting, but about fundamental aspects of finance for practical implementation in business and management practice. 

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Leadership Nests

Our unique proprietary methodology Leadership NestTM is a powerful tool for enhancing people engagement and creative problem solving as well as collaboration across the whole organization.

It can be started as a small initiative and scaled-up to the whole organization across different units.  

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Change Programs

We help manage organizational change initiatives, especially in a highly resistant environment. Work is tailored to individual circumstances.

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Keynotes & Lectures

Inspiring speeches for management meetings, conferences, key customer events. Duration: from 30 minutes to 1 hour plus availability at a Q&A session.

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1-on-1 Strategy Consulting

1-on-1 sessions for discussing current managerial challenges when making important business decisions or implementing new organizational processes.

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