Program for Leadership Development (PLD)

Intake for Next Module: Leading People – How to lead people in teams & organizations

Session Dates: September 18-19-20, 2024 (in-person)
Program Agenda: 3 full-day sessions + 1-month full immersion during regular duties & pre-work

Faculty: Prof. Cezary Wójcik
Applications review: Priority Intake:  July 3rd, 2024 & Secondary Intake: TBA only if seats are available.
The number of seats is limited. Participation is by application only.

Venue: Warsaw
GMP Certification: This program is the General Management Program-Certification-track

Fellowships & special support available for:
(a) former applicants to LAP/ALP program from all sectors
(b) non-business, non-profit, and public-sector applicants
(c) LAP/ALP Alumni teams & business partners
(d) former PLD participants

Fellowships cover up to 25%-100% of the program fee. Fellowships are granted on a merit-and-need basis.





Prof. Cezary Wójcik – Academic Director
Founder of the Center for Leadership

Professor of leadership and finance, founder of the Center for Leadership, and a former visiting scholar at Harvard, Berkeley, Melbourne, and other universities. Studied at Harvard University where he completed, among other things, a Master Class for Leadership Educators. Graduated from other management and leadership programs at schools such as IESE Business School and HEC Paris. Served as Director of the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Director at the National Bank of Poland, Chief Economist at WestLB Bank, Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Governor of the National Bank of Poland as well as Member of the Macroeconomic Council to the Minister of Finance.

In 2011 he received a Letter of Achievement in recognition of his dedication to leadership development from Harvard Kennedy School Government (HKS). Author of books and scientific articles published in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Estonia, and Hungary.


This module of the PLD will offer you new and profound tools to lead people in teams and organizations, and will help you increase your capacity to lead in a unique way.

The program will be run in a powerful immersive learning methodology. After the program participants will have a much deeper understanding of how to lead people, teams, and organizations as well as how to motivate people, develop talents, build a high-performing culture and purpose. After the program, participants will be better able to act and think about their organizational and individual leadership challenges and will have more effective options to deal with their challenges in the future.

The module is an essential must-attend for people aspiring to lead people in an organizational context. It will provide the participants with solid, concise, and practical tools and attitudes.

The program will go beyond the standard classroom teaching. It will be highly interactive and will feature a variety of teaching methods, including Harvard case studies, peer-to-peer consultations, and the unique methodology of Full Immersion™. You will meet world-class education in a unique immersive and experiential learning setting.

The PLD is Matrix Flex™ – which means you can do the program at your own pace, one module at a time, within 1–3 years of study. This will help you juggle work and other obligations and choose flexibly your preferred study track.

The PLD consists of 3 modules:

  1. I. Leading Self – Tools of extraordinary personal leadership 
  2. II. Leading People – How to lead people in teams & organizations (current intake)
  3. III. Leading System – Principles of adaptive leadership

You apply for 1 module at a time (unless you come from an organization that is our partner for the whole program).

All modules are fully integrated to ensure the most powerful impact and help participants learn how to cope with difficult challenges and conflict, effective communication, conflict resolution, and more.

Upon program completion, you will gain access to further world-class education opportunities and fellowships within the GMP – General Management Program track certification.



  • • Managers with no less than 3 years of managerial experience.
  • • Directors, unit, and team managers.
  • • High-potentials and rising talents.

Management roles and specific titles can vary greatly depending on the context, industry, and organization, and some roles might have different names based on the sector they are in.

Is this program right for me? 

  • • If you have management experience of no less than 3 years, and you want to develop your leadership skills in a world-class education setting, this program is for you. 
  • • This program is well-suited for individuals who are in mid-level and senior-level management positions and would like to advance in their roles in the future. 
  • • The program is for you, if you are seeking to expand your leadership strategies and want to learn how to cope with challenging situations while leading people, teams, and organizations.


Three full-day sessions in-person, with 1-month full immersion during regular duties.

The program will cover essential principles of leading people in the context of team operations and organizations.

Program schedule:


  • • Setting up the stage
  • • Attitudes for successful leadership
  • • Leading teams
  • • Leadership & high-performance


  • • Motivation & talent develop 
  • • High-performing culture & leadership
  • • Peer case consultations


  • • Expanding leadership strategies
  • • Innovation and creativity nexus & leadership
  • • Peer case consultations

The program goes beyond the standard classroom teaching. It will expose you to a deep and immersive learning experience with core Harvard case studies. Residential sessions are supported by a Full Immersion Program ™ conducted during your regular work to help you integrate the program into your daily duties. Participants are fully able to focus on their regular daily tasks while participating in the immersion program.

GMP – Track & Certification

This program gives access to the GMP certification – General Management Program. GMP is a unique opportunity for managers to have top business school-level education and certification that would normally require foreign enrollment and travel.

The GMP is a matrix flex format aimed at developing management leadership.




Fellowships & special support are available for:
(a) former applicants to LAP/ALP program from all sectors
(b) non-business, non-profit, and public-sector applicants
(c) LAP/ALP Alumni teams & business partners
(d) former PLD participants

You can apply for a fellowship covering up to 25%-100% of your participation costs. Fellowships are granted on a merit-and-need basis.

As a rule, it is expected that participants who can be supported by their organizations, do not require support.
Important: For all fellowship participants, there is a non-refundable registration fee to cover minimal organizational costs.















Join us. Partners typically join in the context of ESG, HR, PR, CSR, Employer Branding, or Public Affairs activities.

The Center for Leadership promotes the development of good leadership for Poland and connects outstanding Poles who will shape the future of Poland and the world. We do this by creating positive values, unlocking the hidden potential of people and organizations, and inspiring them to actively participate in public affairs and undertake new initiatives that make a positive difference in the world. We are open to cooperation with all those who wish to contribute to making Poland a good country.