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The Center for Leadership promotes the development of good leadership for Poland and connects outstanding Poles who will shape the future of Poland and the world. We do this by creating positive values, unlocking the hidden potential of people and organizations, inspiring them to actively participate in public affairs and undertake new initiatives which make a positive difference in the world. We are open to cooperation with all those who wish to contribute to making Poland a good country.

The Center for Leadership offers fellowship and fosters new standards in education and science in Poland, striving to establish a world-class university in Poland. That is why we created Leadership Academy for Poland – a unique educational experience for a better world in the heart of Poland.

Unique Methodology

Proprietary methodologies for developing leadership competencies Leadership-3D™ and Leadership-4D-Experience™ transform a lecture into an educational experience which combines three dimensions of leadership. Leadership Nests™ unique methodology transforms the way you solve difficult challenges, involve people, and improve collaboration in organizations.


This dimension relates to situations when you, as a leader, decide where things stand. In this dimension, we discuss the following topics: an in-depth understanding of the sources of employee motivation, building long-term capabilities of the teams vs. short-term business goals, understanding the impact and importance of an organizational culture on people management in a specific organization.


This dimension relates to situations when you, as a leader, are limited by the system in which you operate. It is a frustrating challenge which requires the skill of managing the complexity and ambiguity of the environment. In this dimension, we discuss the following topics: chaos and conflict, group dynamics, the role of stability and the lack of stability in social systems and organizations.


This dimension focuses on who you are as a leader with regard to matters you control and matters that control you. What is the deeper meaning of your work, what are the sources of your motivation and your attitude to yourself, people and the world, as these define what you are capable of achieving.

For Non-Profits

The Center for Leadership undertakes, co-organizes and supports a number of initiatives intended to make a positive difference in the world around us and inspire people to actively participate in public affairs.

Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership supports outstanding Poles and help them gain access to world-class education. We look for change-makers who bring commitment, engagement and courage to the world. Candidates are selected from among students, non-profits, public administration, start-ups, local communities and the media.

Leadership Academy
for Poland

The Academy is one of Europe’s best leadership development programs dedicated for outstanding Poles. It offers a unique and life-changing experience and a standing resource for participants future leadership work and personal life. Leading educators, including Harvard Professors, take part in and co-create the Academy’s program. The Academy is a social good, apolitical and nonpartisan initiative.

For Business

We provide inspiration, knowledge and positive values in our cooperation with the business.

and Consulting

One-on-one session advising on current challenges and managerial problems when making important business decisions or implementing new organizational processes.


Long-term leadership development programs for management (6-12 months), tailored to company needs. Based on the unique, proprietary methodology Leadership-4D-Experience™.


Inspiring short-term training courses and workshops on leadership (1-3 days), tailored to individual needs. Based on the unique, proprietary methodology Leadership-3D™.

and Lectures

Inspiring speeches for management meetings, conferences, key customer events. Duration: from 30 minutes to 1 hour plus availability at a Q&A session.


We work with good-hearted and passionate people who wish to make a positive contribution in the world.


Prof. Cezary Wójcik

Founder and Director

The Founding Director of the Center for Leadership. Professor of Leadership and Economics. He would like to contribute to making Poland a good country.

Agnieszka Domieniecka

Executive Director

Academy's Educators

Prof. Ronald Heifetz

Guest Educator

Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School. He advises heads of governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. He co-developed the adaptive leadership framework.

Prof. Dean Williams

Guest Educator

Faculty member at the Center for Public Leadership of Harvard Kennedy School of Government. At Harvard serves as Director of World Leaders Interview Project and Global Change Agents executive education program

Academy's Advisory Board

Marek Metrycki

Managing Partner at Deloitte Poland

Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek

Global Director, Google for Startups

Bartosz Ciołkowski

Country Manager Poland at Mastercard Europe

Adam Sawicki

Chief Digital Officer at AmRest

Klara Banaszewska

General Manager at Grayling Poland

Przemysław Walasek

Partner at Taylor Wessing in Warsaw

Agata Stafiej-Bartosik

Country Director at Ashoka Poland

Tomasz Józefacki

They Trusted Us

We have won trust of senior managers from many organizations. This trust enabled us to contribute to shaping the future of their organizations, employees and clients.

Among our clients are


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