Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We intend to carry on with all activities as planned before the coronavirus outbreak to the extent possible. Fellows admitted to the Class in 2020 will participate in the Academy in 2021. 

The new detailed application timeline will be introduced at the end of 2021. Dates of the application process to the Academy are always communicated in advance via our newsletter and through our social media channels. Sign up to our newsletter and don’t lose any information

We are monitoring the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community. We intend to carry on with all activities as planned before the coronavirus outbreak to the extent possible. Any changes will be communicated to all candidates via email.


The Leadership Academy for Poland is a social good, apolitical and nonpartisan initiative. It supports professionals with high-potential by offering them access to unique, world-class education and opportunities for their professional development and by assisting them in their civic and public engagement. Download our brochure for details.

The purpose of the Academy is to bring world-class education to Poland and provide outstanding Poles with access to one of the world’s best leadership development programs so that they make a positive difference in the world and in Poland.

We have put together an outstanding faculty of world-class scholars and educators to provide a unique experience. Each edition of the Academy is run by a different set of faculty drawn from our network of leading educators from around the world. Among our key educators are prof. Ron Heifetz and prof. Dean Williams who pioneered the study of leadership and created Harvard’s flagship leadership program as well as dr John Scherer who created a life-changing and internationally recognized leadership development course, the LDI. On the faculty will be also prof. Cezary Wójcik whose leadership program ranked No. 1 among 30 leading universities and who is the Academic Director of the Leadership Academy for Poland and founder of Center for Leadership. Learn more about our educators.

The Academy is organized by the Center for Leadership and the Flying Mind Foundation. The Leadership Academy for Poland is supported by many renowned organizations and good-hearted, dedicated people working in those organizations, who wish to bring world-class education to Poland and support talented Poles in their development. See our Partners.


Class usually consists of approximately 40 participants chosen from a wide pool of accomplished candidates.

Yes, all participants must commit to the whole program.

We aim at outstanding mid-career professionals from Poland with high leadership potential and commitment to social change from one of the following sectors: non-profit, business, public administration, academia, media, startups, culture and sports. See criteria for ideal candidates

Note: We are open to talented and passionate people who are curious about the world and want to leave a positive mark on it. So if you have any doubts as to whether you are the right person for the program… do apply. Remember – if you never try, you will never know.

Dates of the application process to the Academy are always communicated in advance via our newsletter and through our social media channels. Sign up to our newsletter and don’t lose any information

All graduates of the program will become members of the LAP-AN – Leadership Academy for Poland Alumni Network – and will be consulted in advancing the development of the Academy. After the program has ended, an Alumni Executive Committee will be formed for alumni to co-create and shape future editions of the Academy.


Both ways are possible. However, nominations give you a slightly higher probability of success. We will always choose the best candidate. However, if we face a choice between two equally good candidates we will choose the one nominated rather the one who applied through open procedure.

Nominations can be done by the Nominating Partners, Partners, Ambassadors and Members of our Advisory Board. See the lists of our Nominating Partners and Advisory Board Members.

If you are interested to join the group of the Academy’s Nominating Partners in this or the next edition of the Academy, please do send us a note. Contact us


During the program we will cover three critical aspects of exercising leadership: (i) People – how to lead people in organizations; (ii) System – how to lead in complex systems; (iii)   Self – how to lead oneself. The program will be highly interactive and will feature a variety of teaching methods. In addition to formal Harvard case studies and a unique pedagogy of full-immersion as well as a real-time case, the program will also use films and various structured exercises, some of which involve poetry and philosophy readings. Participants will analyze outside-class experience, including their own past challenges. The program will also feature an inner journey of self-reflection for uncovering participants authentic true north and drivers that give meaning to their leadership work.

First, there will be four obligatory residential parts (see program schedule). The residential parts will require physical presence so all participants will have to be out of office. During the residential parts, the workload will be very intensive, with classes and group meetings running from 7 am to 11 pm.

Second, there will be a 15-week full immersion program. During that period participants will be back home doing their regular jobs – it will not collide with their work. During the program participants will be asked to watch dedicated movies, run daily leadership experiments and do reflection exercises. Participants will be able to choose their preferred workload intensity. In general, the program demands a minimum of 4-5 hours a week, but most participants usually report that they choose to invest much more time, because of the value the immersion program brings to their professional and personal life.

We focus on leadership development and we will not teach you anything about accounting or finance. However, you can expect that the Academy will provide you with a unique space to think about your projects and to move them up to a new level.

Fellows about the Academy: