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Center for Leadership Fellowships

The Center for Leadership offers fellowships for outstanding Poles in order to give them access to world-class education in the area of leadership. Our fellows are people who are closely involved in changing and shaping their local environment. Candidates are selected from among students, non-profits, public administration, start-ups, local communities and the media.

Leadership Academy for Poland

The Academy is one of Europe’s best leadership development programs dedicated for outstanding Poles. It offers a unique and life-changing experience and a standing resource for participants future leadership work and personal life. Leading educators, including Harvard Professors, take part in and co-create the Academy’s program. The Academy is a social good, apolitical and nonpartisan initiative.

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Reform for Poland

Reform for Poland is a series of seminars with people who work passionately for the benefit and development of Poland. The Reform for Poland meetings are currently organized in Poland, but will soon be launched abroad. The meetings are filled with discussions about Poland and ideas for how to reform it. The Reform for Poland is a non-political initiative which brings together people of different political views and transforms these differences into a source of ideas and energy for action.

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